Designer slows down when using gradients

I am creating a P&ID, drawing the tanks was fine until I started giving items gradients. Once I did that I noticed a huge slowdown when they are on the designer screen. Its at the point i have to click, wait three seconds and then use the arrow keys to move items as using the mouse i have no idea where its going to jump to.

Im using version 7.6.2, I upped the memory to 2gb for the designer in the gateway settings and it is still clunky. Are there any other settings I can try to increase performance? Thanks

I moved from 2gb of memory to 512 and it works better but by no means does it work normal.


I meant to post this in the ignition problem forum, anyone know how to move it? thanks

Could you maybe export one of the windows that’s slow and attach it or email it to support?

sure, i can send it now. Should I call support or can you provide me with an address? Thanks

support @

I just sent it over, thanks!

I was just speaking with the support line, looks like its an issue with the way java on my MAC works. I ran the screen on a windows machine and it works perfectly. Thanks again for the help!