Designer: Unable to retrieve edit lock for resource

Hello Folks,

I’m trying to use the FPMI designer to modify an old project. The symptom is when I try to access some of the windows, I get the error:
Unable to retrieve edit lock for resource Blah
Another designer: admin, located at has this resource locked for editing.

My issue is that I am logged in as admin at Relaunching the designer doesn’t help. There is no other designer process running.

I poked around trying to find some lock files or something but nothing turned up. Is there a way to force the unlock of these windows, or perhaps some other way to allow me to get back into editing them?


I tried restarting the FPMI service. After the service stopped, I got a message box from some invisible designer saying it had lost the gateway connection, so I clicked Exit (There wasn’t any java in the process list so I assumed it wasn’t running, but it must be somewhere…)

Upon restarting I’m still having the same issue.

If you go to the FactoryPMI status web page, does it show more than one designer opened? If it is localhost then you can look at the task manager and close any javaw.exe programs and try again.