Designer WebStart instances not disappearing

When opening Ignition Designer, it uses the jp2launcher.exe application. Sometimes after closing Ignition Designer, the memory remains committed and isn’t released. (orphaned process).

Each jp2launcher app that has memory committed, uses about 1 gigabyte of memory; so if there are 6 jp2launcher.exe apps that haven’t released memory, that leaves 2GB left for all other processes.

At this point, if someone remotes into the desktop and opens Ignition Designer (another jp2launcher), or if an automatic process starts – that causes the maximum physical memory of 8GB to be exceeded, then RTM Ignition start to behave erratically.)

Is this a garbage collection issue?

What is your recommendation for this issue?

I’ve uploaded a picture of the task manager.

Are you sure they’re really orphaned and not just instances from Remote Desktop users that didn’t close it before closing RDP?

I haven’t seen this before, I don’t really have any suggestions. It’s not a memory leak or GC issue, it’s clearly just multiple instances of jp2launcher staying alive for some reason.

Try updating Java to the latest version of 8 or whatever version series you’re currently using. Also if you’re on a version of Ignition that has the client launchers you could try those instead of WebStart. Might as well get used to it if you ever plan to upgrade to 8.x.

Subject: Ignition sometimes freezing and behaving erratically.
Support Request ID#: 18315

Hi Kevin,

As you suggested, it could very well be that other RDP users are not closing the Ignition Designer prior to disconnecting from RDP; Maybe this causes some dangling threads, keeping the launchers open?
I will recommend to our RDP-Ignition-Designer users - to close Designer before closing RDP.

re: updating Java to the latest version:
The IT department here controls which version of Java, but I’ll forward this message and leave it to them.

I will use WebStart, and try to get others onboard with using it instead of the client launchers.
As you’ve said: “Might as well get used to it if you ever plan to upgrade to 8.x.” - I agree.

Thanks for your recommendations. - you can close this support request case.


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The suggestion was to use the client launchers instead of WebStart, not the other way around. WebStart doesn’t exist any more in newer versions of Java.

OK, thanks for the correction.


Peter Trink