Designer window differ in size when launched

I noticed that when launching in full screen mode (maximized) there’s an added inch of window space that appears on the bottom of the window. I can’t seem to access that part of the window in the designer so components that was flush to the bottom appear an inch from the bottom when launched in full screen mode. There’s no way to access the bottom of the window in the designer. Tried different combinations of property settings but no luck.

Also window components does not render when switching to difference screen resolutions.

Sounds like you need a basic intro on our (admittedly confusing, but powerful once you “get it”) window / layout system.

Have you downloaded the Ignition Example Project (not the Demo, but the Example) and played around with how it manages its windows? I guarantee you can get to that part of the window in the Designer, you’ll just need to drag/scroll/resize so it is big enough.

Ok, I resolved the issue. I had the components too small and the pipe joint component was shifting position when launched. Always go back and refer to the example. Lesson learned . Thanks.