Designer Window Title


When working with several Designer and project running, it would be great to have the project name along with the Designer program name (in the windows title header). Thus, swapping from one project to another with alt-tab (or cmd-tab for osx) will be easier (it worse if your defaults icons for the running projects are the default one).

I must be mis-understanding - doesn’t it do this already?

look at this below, for example, I’ve 2 Designer opened and one project running.
Each Designer icons has the same text “Ignition Designer” without any mention of the project opened ; so you have to swap to both to find the one you want. Of course, it is worst when using 3 or more Designer.

Ok I see…

It looks like OSX is using the application’s name for that text, not the window title, which probably means that you’re out of luck…

To verify - does the window title itself contain the project name like in my screenshot?


Yes, the window has the project name.

I don’t think there’s anything we can do then - OSX is using the application name, which can’t be changed to include the project name.

thank you

Would something like this help? :scratch:

Honestly, I haven’t played with Mac since System 7-- am I showing my age?

Thanks Jordan.
I’ll give it a try, if Lion compatible :wink: