Designer Wont Launch

Hi everyone,

I’m having issues with the designer not opening on multiple clients. The only place I can get it to work is on the server itself. When clicking the “Launch Designer” button, the Java splash screen is displayed but then disappears without an error and the designer does not launch. This problem happens on multiple PC’s. However, I have found that the first time the designer is accessed from a remote PC it works, but subsequent attempts will then fail.

Ignition Version 7.9.3

Any ideas?

I’ve had this happen a few times myself, and the resolution has always been to remove the 32 bit version(s) of Java and install a 64 bit version

Or, you can point the shortcut to the 32 bit version of Java on the client…

Also, I’ve had the best luck using the Native Client Launcher instead of Java Web Start. You can download the Native Client Launcher from the Gateway Homepage…


I don’t know how to do this, let alone an operational user of an Ignition client…