Designer won't start using jnlp web start

I’ve noticed a problem a running in designer from JNLP. Neither designer nor runtime is working. It works fine via the launcher.
Can not say exactly when it started, as I used to run the designer from the launcher. But the same problem exists in all the clients.

The gateway server has two IP addresses. One is and another is
I have 172 network access only. I was trying the Chrome and the Explorer. The JNLP is downloaded from; … yfr31lba?0
JNLP file has two lines where IP is mentioned
They are:

But when I’ve turned on the java log, I saw that java is trying to connect to, and of course gets a connection error.

That’s what we see in the log:
“Starting Bootstrap Loader v3.0
Connect Step [attempt 1] connecting to:….
Downloading manifest at … s&arch=x64
Connect attempt 1 for address failed. connect timed out.”

If I change the IP in the second line, it still is trying to connect to 192… IP.
Changing IP address to the host name doesn’t work as well.
But if I copy the JNLP to the gateway host, it runs perfectly.

That is the issue. So can you tell me how to settle this?

The problem is settled.
The system is using redundancy. 192 network is the one, to exchange redundancy status.
As I’ve set the redundant mode “Independent”, it started to work.
A question, is it normal that clients won’t run if redundant pait is off.

I would suggest changing the network bind address used on both sides, to ensure that the IP deliver to clients is the correct IP for each server.