Designing comms: UDT block read question

Hello hello,
I am adding ignition into a brown field site with a Controllogix processor ethernet yadda yadda, the code in this processor has made good use of UDT’s to group data (Bools, reals, dints, strings you name it, it is all grouped) :thumb_left:

Normally when I create a new SCADA system I group a consecutive array of data in the PLC i.e an array of 100 DINTS with the various data mapped into them. This way the SCADA system requests 100 DINTS in one transaction rather than multiple small comms transactions each with a new comms overhead.

Question is: Does ignition treat a UDT as a block of data and request the entire UDT in one comms transaction?

Your expert opinion would be appreciated 8)

Yep, the Logix driver groups together reads, including UDTs, as best as it can. Carry on :thumb_left:

Perfect! Job done.