Desktop shortcut issues

version 7.5.6. My customer is saying that some of the users are seeing this error. They have tried dumping the java temp files but that doesnt seem to clear up the issue. launching from the gateway page works fine.

any ideas?

What version of Java are you guys launching with?

There’s been some turbulence lately in webstart with the Java 7 releases… if possible you should upgrade to 7.5.11 and simply start using the native client launchers.

Im working on getting the java versins.

One question I wanted to ask about the client launcher… how does it handle redundancy? Is it compatible with redundant ignition systems?

here is the java version

version 7.0.450.18

Yes, the client launcher is compatible with redundant Ignition systems.

As Kevin stated, you should upgrade to 7.5.11 and use the stand alone client launcher.