Detect update/set in progress

Good Morning ,
in one script I’m set some Custom Properties binding in bidirection mode plc tags.
When value change I see blink object associated at custom properties.

It’s possible to detect this event? I want to put a progress bar for inform user that update/set of tag is in progress in mode that don’t close page (and fail update of tags).


Can you show us your code and binding? Is this Vision or Perspective, and what version of ignition?

The short answer is no - neither Perspective nor Vision readily expose the state of bindings to you.

The longer answer is that you can ‘fake’ it, to a certain degree, but I’m somewhat skeptical of your stated purpose. A tag write will not succeed or fail because the attached session is still present - it’s a momentary request, and as long as it makes it to the Gateway should eventually succeed. The ‘in progress’ indication is just waiting for the next value to be delivered from the tag’s subscription. You can set your tag group(s) to ‘Read After Write’ (or, in a totally different approach, enable Optimistic Writes) to minimize this delay.

If you’re trying to send a continuous control signal from Ignition, as in, a ‘momentary button’ that is active while a user holds a button down… I would strongly encourage you not do so. There’s some good reading here on the forum about why not.

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