Determining overrides in UDT

We make extensive use of UDT’s, with several layers of nested UDT’s within a parent. OF course, we try to make the UDT definition as generic as possible, but invariably the project author needs to make some small tweak or change to the instantiation of the type. All hail the little green button!
BUT - we need to insure that all deviations from the defaults are documented, so I was wondering if there was a way to generate a report on anything that was overridden??
I’ve searched around and found nothing, and wouldn’t be adverse to a suggestion of doing a file compare of exported XML files - though my attempts at this yielded nothing of value.
IS there any way to programatically (or half manually) determine whether and which elements have the little green button lit?? And maybe even list the differences?
Or should I give up and submit this as part of my wish list?

Are you using 7.9 or 8.0? If your using 8.0, have you thought of using system.tag.getConfiguration. I don’t have an 8.0 system near my to test it out but this should pull up your entire tag configuration. It may not call out items that have overrides enabled but you should be able to write a script to compare its results to your default UDT settings to point out differences. If your using 7.9 system.tag.browseConfiguration should do the same.

V7.9.9… I’ll give that function a look! sounds promising, Thanks!
(Still, it would seem important enough to be built-in or at least easily visible. We’ve already chased our tail, only to discover that the designer had modified something “to get it to work” and promptly forgot he ever did it! :wink: With hundreds of tags, I’m not faulting him so much, but we really need to make sure this is controlled and documented)

Tag edits should also go into the audit log, if you’ve got it enabled for your project(s).