Develop driver for access shared memory

I need a driver to connect OPC-UA server with the linux’s shared memory. I have no idea where to start. Could someone help me?

thanks, David

Start with figuring out how or if you even can read from shared memory on Linux using Java. If you can get that working then worry about how to make a driver for our OPC-UA server.

Your best approach might be to make a wrapper in C that reads/writes the shared memory and translates that to messages that the Java module is listening to/for on a socket.

Accessing shared memory directly from Java goes against the basic philosophy of Java of protecting the developer from all the messy underlying details that they tend to get wrong like malloc() and free().

(I’m not a Java developer so I could be wrong here but I’d still be really surprised if you can do it directly from Java)

My Java developer thinks there might be hope for you here.