Developing Ignition Projects as any other software

If I wanted to better integrate my software development process into Ignition Project, are there any immediate options available?

I’d might want to:

  1. be able to integrate Project versioning into our version control (ie. to save the most important bits so that diff operations work them),
  2. be able to generate script module contents and update them without manual intervention and
  3. centrally organize/edit certain bits of the project, such as event handler scripts and sql queries.


I’m pretty sure there are no easy methods for the things you mention currently. If you wanted to create a module to facilitate this, I can tell you where to start.

Each project has a number of Project Resources (Section 3.5 of the Ignition Programming Manual).

It looks like Project.getResourcesOfType(“sr.script.library”) should give you the script library for that project. (I’m guessing; creating a script in an empty project drops that ProjectResource in the Ignition internal database.

I think that should deserialize to a ScriptLibrary object.

From there, it looks like you can follow the methods to get and set scripts.

This may be much more than you want to do, but if you do want to do this, hopefully this gives you a decent starting point.

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