Development architecture - best practices


I am new to Ignition and I would like to know, what is the best approach in creating a good, simple development architecture.

After a little brainstorm, I see two options:

  1. Two servers on clients site, where one is a production server with full licensing and the second one is a development server with trial or development license, where we make changes to the project, test them and send to the production server.
  2. One server, where we have two projects - production and development.

What are the pros and cons in both soultions and what are your good practices?

Thanks in advance.

Know that projects are independent, but everything else including tags, database connections, user sources, etc. etc. are all common. So unless you only want to separate your project content (graphics, reports, scripting, alarm notification pipelines, etc.) and not your tags and everything else, you will need to run two servers. I would always recommend two servers.

You’ll probably want to create another SQL database and connect your dev to that. PLCs are a little harder, but you may want a single dev PLC of each type that you have onsite to connect to the dev server.

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