Development Environment (Gradle/Java Version) Issues

I'm currently trying to setup my IntelliJ environment with the provided example projects and have run into a variety of hard to pin down issues that I would appreciate some guidance in resolving.
At the moment, I am attempting to use Java 11 and Gradle 7.6.2 to get started on developing a perspective module. When building the Gradle project, I receive the following error:

"Failed to access list of invoked tasks in Gradle on object of type 'org.gradle.execution.plan.DefaultFinalizedExecutionPlan'. When this happens, it normally means you are using a new version of Gradle which is not supported by this plugin yet. You are using Gradle 7.6.2."

I have tried downgrading Gradle to version 6.9.4, however I recieve this error instead:
"There is no feature named TYPESAFE_PROJECT_ACCESSORS
Settings file 'C:\GitProjects\ignition-sdk-examples\perspective-component\settings.gradle.kts' line: 42"

I have also tried the latest version of Java 20, with the same above error appearing.

I would really appreciate it if someone could provide some updated documentation or some guidance on their environment configuration.