Device connection-modbus:how to set the time interval for issuing the request

Because of the data traffic limit, I want to change the time interval between sending the data request, but I don’t see the setting option in the setting bar. How should I set it?

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This is also something that’s important for me, but I don’t think it’s currently an option unfortunately. Unless anyone can tell us otherwise?

You can control the frequency of the polling in general by changing the rate of the tag group or scan class the OPC tags for this device belong to.

There is no option to set what is commonly called the “inter-request delay”, though, which is an artificial delay inserted between subsequent requests, usually only needed for serial lines.

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Is it something that you’d consider adding? I’ve worked with a lot of (unavoidable) devices that officially only support one request every xxx ms.

I’ve implemented this inter-request delay in my new Advanced Modbus Module’s Client driver type. Beta announcement here: