Device Connection Status always "Connected" after initial connection?

After configuring new modbus TCP device in gateway

  1. *Modbus tcp device unplugged status in gateway=disconnected:

  2. Modbus TCP device plugged in status in gateway= connected

  3. Modbus TCP device unplugged after " connected" status always shows as connected.

My intent is to detect if device offline and Ignition alarm.

Device has a webserver and gave TCP driver a try. In gateway status of device will mirror physical device.

However The “Is Connected” Quality = Good, after initial connection to device. Status doesn’t change regardless of physical state of device.
The “Message” Quality= matches physical state of device.

I’m seeing a similar problem. I’m using the generic tcp driver to open a connection on port 80 to an IP camera to verify that there is a connection. This way, if the camera goes down (power failure, cable break, etc.) I would be able to provide an alarm.

Right now the “Is Connected” diagnostic tag for each of the devices display the state that they were in when the connections were first set up, but the device status page in the gateway indicates that 3 of the 4 cameras are down. This doesn’t make sense to me.

Can someone from Inductive Automation confirm that the intent of the “Is Connected” tags are what we think they are? Are they functioning correctly? My project is currently running on Ignition 7.9.2

Trial and error found that to get repeatable alarm based on physical state of device:
TCP driver(port is important) + Used “Message” tag alarm Mode settings mode= Bad Quality.:slight_smile:

To reiterate the “Is connected” tag value and even “Quality” didn’t appear to be linked to physical state of device.:confused:

Could you elaborate on your fix? We are seeing this on AB compactlogix PLC’s and we are looking for a workaround.