Device Connection to Siemens Simotion P350


Instead of using a PLC, I want to configure a device SIEMENS SIMOTION P350 and read and drop tags from there to Ignition.

¿Is it possible to do so?

Thank you guys for ur help! :thumb_left:

You may need to use an OPC server that knows how to communicate with a P350, then connect Ignition to that OPC server.

AFAIK many Siemens devices have their parameters/status reachable over “DB’s”…
For example, I have connected Operators Panel direct to MM440 (frequency converter) and SINAMICS servo drives without PLC present. I didn’t try it with Simotion P350 (SIMOTION P350 is a PC-based Motion Control system), but I’m assuming that would also be the case with it…

Have you try to set Ignition Siemens driver like you set it with ‘normal’ Siemens PLC (address, rack, slot) and then read parameters?
For example: if you want to red parameter P256, you define tag (16bit integer or 32bit integer or Real) with DB256, I0 (or REAL0)…


I’ll try to do so and see if it works! I hope so,

Thank you for ur help!! :slight_smile: