Device connection with EKI 1524 Advantech

Hello Guys,

I needing to connect in equipment EKI1524 from advantech, this equipment can comunicate by Modbus RTU… Anyone already did comunication with it ??

Thanks !!

Any luck on getting this to work?

I am looking at using one of the Advantech Panel PCs with Ignition Edge but am hesitant because I need to receive data from multiple Modbus sensors.


Yes, I did it configuring the device server as Modbus RTU over TCP and after configuring the Modbus registers in Adresses…

So in the Ignition Edge gateway create a Modbus RTU over TCP device?

I Don’t have sure if I’m using the Ignition Edge Gateway, but I did the device connection in the Browser gateway…

Below the print with the configurations:

Cool, I don’t think it matters if it’s Ignition Edge or full-fledge Ignition.
How does the setup look like? None of my devices have an IP address, they’re all Modbus RS485.

I think you will need a serial converter 485 to Modbus TCP/IP or another kind , I did work from this way. If you get it without a serial converter to IP let me know, it’s can be usefull for me in the future…

I don’t know if Serial support is part of Edge, but if so, the Modbus driver will allow use of a real serial port (local to the gateway) for RTU connections. IA sales is the right place to ask.

I looked that the setup for modbus RTU and it looked like something that’ll work. The serial port on the panel PC will connect to my sensors.

Cool !!!

Here we don’t have a serial port to do it directly in the PC… Is good Knowing this !!

Thanks for exchange Knowledge !!