Device connections "Disconnected" following gateway restart until "Save Changes" pressed

I have around 100 device connections on my gateway. When I restart the gateway, around 20 of those devices (all of which are Cisco switches connected via Kymera) show up as "Disconnected" in the Device Connections page, and I read no data from them.
This disconnected state persists indefinitely (at least for 1 day) until I press "Edit" -> "Save Changes" on each of the "Disconnected" devices within the Device Connections page, whereupon the devices instantly reconnect and I can once more read data from them.
I would like to know if my connection to these devices can be re-established automatically on gateway startup; I don't want to have to manually "save" the configurations of each of the devices each time just to be able to read data from them.

Sounds like a bug you should report to Kymera.