Device Connections Display


Is there a way to format the view for the OPC UA Device Connections? We have multiple PLC devices on our servers and based on who added them it may not be clear what the device is until you go into it and search against the IP address in RSLinx. I know most of this comes down to managing how people add devices, but if we could have the Device Connections overview also display the Hostname as a column that would be a nice way to check multiple devices and maybe help with that cleanup. Please let me know if there is a way to have that shown on the gateway.

Thank you!

If you’re talking about the Config > OPC UA > Device Connections page then the best you can do is put identifying information you wish to see into each device’s Description setting.

Ok will add the info to the descriptions, just wanted to check if there’s a less user dependent way to display first. Thank you.

Not in the gateway no (other than what Kevin suggested), but if you’re happy for it in the client you can script to browse the devices including returning their IP address and display in a table.