Device Drivers and Ignition OPC UA CD-Key generation

Hi, I am a new user evaluating Ignition software . I have the following issues :

Issue #1

I am unable to generate CD-Key for Ignition OPC UA software . I am getting the following error on submitting the form :

“Error in processing. Please fill out the form and try again.”

I have tried multiple times with no success even though information on form is correct.

Issue #2

I saw device drivers from Allen Bradley and some Simulators available in the demo I installed.
I was interested in Modbus RTU. Modbus ASCII and Modbus TCP device drivers . I saw in some
posts that Modbus is available , how can I enable these drivers ? What are the other device drivers you have on your roadmap and when will they be available ? Can you provide a full list of existing drivers developed or under development.

Issue #3

Do you have a Server side API available for adding new device drivers ?

We have been having some technical issues with our website lately. Please try generating a CD-Key for Ignition OPC-UA again. We do have a Modbus TCP driver that is still in beta right now. You can download it from the Development downloads section. It will be out of beta for Ignition 7.1 which is coming out this week. We are going to have an open driver API for Ignition including the ability to create your own drivers. We are hoping to release this within the next couple of months.

I have tried again today , all pages (Downloads, CD-Key Generation) that request “Contact Information” <Name,Company,Email,Phone> are giving this Error - “Error in processing. Please fill out the form and try again.”

In development downloads section the message “There are currently no development versions released” is displayed .

Is there an alternative way … like email , ftp to get CD-Key and Downloads .

Hmm, I just tried it and it works for me. I think we are having intermittent website problem.s Have you tried again?

If this is still giving you an error:

  1. What web browser and version are you using?
  2. What operating system are you using?

Thanks these problems are now resolved , I am no longer getting error messages on the website and have been able to download the CD key and access the downloads area.