Device IO communication redundant

I would like to know if it is possible to have redanduncy in Device IO communication.
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The Industrial Application Server can host Redundant Device Integration Objects (DI Objects). The Redundant DI Object is a DINetwork Object used to enable continuity of I/O information from field devices. The Redundant DI Object provides the ability to configure a single object with connections to two different data sources. If the primary data source fails, the Redundant DI Object automatically switches to the backup data source for its information. There is a one-to-two relationship between an instance of the Redundant DI Object and the running instances of the source DI objects; that is, for each Redundant DI Object, a pair of source DI Objects is deployed.

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No we don’t have anything like this right now.

May I know if there is a readmap for feature “Device IO communication redundancy”