Device settings evolution


We’re currently working to developp a new module which manages specific devices and we needed to change one existing setting field characteristic (add a defaut value to a mandatory field). As this module is currently under development and not use by final users, we removed existing configured devices to be sure to not have any problem.

Nevertheless, this new default value was not managed correctly. :cry: When we created a new device, the defaut value appears on the configuration page but without any explicite modification of this field, we’ve got an SQL error violation (before our code was called). :open_mouth:

To solve this problem, we finally removed the table (using drop table in the console/advance section) and now it works fine.

Our questions are :

  1. How to manage device settings modification without having to manually remove tables ? (Usefull when this module will be used by final users).

  2. In the following code, what the “1001” second argument mean in the “com.inductiveautomation.ignition.gateway.localdb.persistence.Category” class constructor means ?

public static final Category SETTINGS_CATEGORY = new Category(“EcoSpecDriverSettings.SettingsCategory”, 1001)


You added the default by doing setDefault() on the field your in settings record, right? This should work… what version of Ignition is this?

The second argument controls the order the categories appear in. You can use any values you want.