Device Settings & propertyValue is required

Hi all,

as you can see in the attached image; when I configure a new Device, how and where I can set the propertyValue displayed the warning string “The field ‘propertyValue’ is required”.

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That error message is poorly worded. What’s really happening there is the “Device Name” and 2 other fields aren’t filled out.

Just fill out all the fields before saving.

Hi Kevin,

ok i’ve set my post in the wrong way.

I know that before the save I have to fill all the field.

But if I have a filed named UnitID in the configuration, and the user save without fill out this field. What I want is a warning message like : “The field ‘UnidID’ is required” and NOT “The field ‘propertyValue’ is required”.

So my question is where I have to set the filed name or property value in order to have a warnin message like “The field ‘UnidID’ is required” and NOT "The field ‘propertyValue’ is required.


Ah, unfortunately that message can’t be changed right now…

I’ve added a bug ticket to give those messages a more appropriate name. Sorry about that.


Please, let me know when it is ready.