Device Simulator Setup with existing Rockwell/AB OPC-UA tags

Currently have a setup on Ignition 8.1 utilizing a Perspective project and OPC-UA connection to an Rockwell/AB ControlLogix PLC. Most of the tags in the tag browser are imported from the OPC Browser as OPC tags, as Rockwell/AB devices support tag browsing.

At times, the PLC may be unavailable for development and was wondering if there is a good way to import the tags into the simulator in CSV format, such as converting the exported JSON or XML OPC tags, or getting a CSV from the PLC designer program (Studio 5000)

You might find this approach useful (IIRC, the device simulator doesn't handle Rockwell's dot-separators well):

Does this deal with PLC/Ignition AOIs/UDTs well by chance?

If you use the V2 beta instead of the stable version:

Note that the purpose in this topic is to emulate a logix processor, not connect to a logix processor. Performed by different drivers within my module. Only the beta can connect to a logix processor.

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Yep I'm looking to emulate. Thanks for the info!