Device Status Tag

Trying to see if there is already, or a way I can create a tag that replicates the Status of the OPC-UA Devices… I have a PLC that like to go into IDLE according to Ignition and by the time we can get to look at the problem production is backing up and we end up rebooting everything to get things going, and I would like to be able to monitor that and send an alert as soon as it happens…

I uploaded a screen shot. I just want the Status column.

7.8.3 adds these tags to the Logix driver.

What version are you on? This isn’t something you should need to do - the driver automatically connects and reconnects when needed. Do you have logs from when this is happening?

Thanks Kevin, we are on 7.8.2. I know that it is supposed to keep trying, the problem is that in our case last night and in a couple of other cases, we determined that an Ethernet cable problem was causing the issue. While we are taking steps to correct the problem, it would be nice to have these tags and be able to alert on them.

When is 7.8.3 due out?

The release candidate became available this week, so I imagine it’s only a week or two away.

Will this device status tag be a “System”->“Gateway” tag? For any devices you may have built in the gateway?

I would also like to have a status tag for an Omron Device, to indicate when the device is no longer connected.