Device tags not connected but showing good quality

Most of my plants will shut down a line for maintenance at least once a week. I see tags doing inconsistent things when it comes to good and bad quality. In the example attached, the PLC is no longer connected but one of the three tags still shows good quality. The settings in the tag properties for all three are the same. How can I force this to update the device. If I go to the devices on the gateway, select the device, hit edit then save without doing anything the device will refresh and fix the issue as expected. This happened to 10 different PLC's this week alone in one plant. I need to use script to fix this issue but unsure how to do it or if there is something I am missing on the gateway I need to understand what that is. Also, 'Restart Tag' does not help. My settings in the gateway for these devices have the automatic browse enabled.

My advice is to create a ticket with IA support so they can deep dive into your issue

This issue has shown up at 3 different companies I have worked for and other co workers have seen it also. With that being said if no one else has a suggestion then I will make a ticket.

Ticket created but I still welcome feedback.