DH+ Gateway to Connect to SLC5/04 [SOLVED]

I am trying to connect Ignition to a SLC 5/04 and I am looking for a gateway device which will allow me to connect the SLC via DH+. The reason for the need to connect this way is due to Channel 0 being setup as DF1 half duplex/ Master to communicate with the processes Avtron Drives.

   Thanks in advance for helping with this issue.


If you have a spare 1756-DHRIO and a 1756-ENBT(or EN2T) and a contrologix rack you can bridge through it.

Also, these gateways are available.

I have a project where I have the opportunity to spec one of these into our system. Any more feedback
from the forum would be nice. I will be using ignition to create some screens. What I am curious about
Is the reliability of this unit and the slc5/04 to handle the traffic. I would eventually like to create some
Transaction groups and grab more data. How well have these performed and how extensively were they used?

I am going to try out the datalink GW1000ABEIP to integrate with a SLC 5/04 using the DH+ port.
I will be connecting the GW to the DH+ then connecting the Ethernet to the Ignition Gateway.
I will post back here how this works out. Unless i should post this in another topic thread somewhere.

I did not get to purchase the Gw unit. My supervisor went with a Lantronix converter.
Anybody in here have experience with this device?

All, sorry for the delay in updating the community on this issue. With that said we have a (actually two) sucessful ways to interface Ignition (7.4.2 (b953)) via DH+. The solutions are the Datalink Tech GW1000-ABEIP interface and the Equustek Solutions EQ7000 Eithernet to DH+ interface. The interfaces are deployed on two separate but identical systems. The data is being transmitted via a wirless network infrastructure which is tranparent to the interfaces and Ignition. These devices do require an “upgrade” to the AB/SLC driver module in Ignition (Thanks Tom H for great support on this).

The GW1000 has been running for over a month with no issues. The unit recovers from planned and unplanned power losses smoothly. Unit set up was easy. The only “knocks” are the very poor support from the Sales Staff and Tech Staff.

The EQ7000 was only installed yesterday so I cannot report on the reliability of the unit yet. Unit set up was a little more complicated than the GW1000 but it should pose no issue for anyone reading this. Sales support was great, Tech support was not needed as Tom H had already done the heavy lifting on the AB module for the GW1000.

If there are any questions please feel free to ask. As I don’t check this board often please feel free to email me at alan.travierso@riotinto.com.

Alan Travierso