Dh+ slc5/04

I have a customer with a SLC5/04 processor and the only option of getting data is from DH+. The other ports are already in use. I found this post below in another thread.

If connecting to a DH+ network the following options work:

- ControlLogix Gateway - this has many options but usually includes a Ethernet module(s) like ENBT, EN2T, etc. In addition to the Ethernet module they may also have DHRIO module(s) to bridge to DH+ networks or CNBT module(s) to bridge to ControlNet networks. This option can even bridge to other Ethernet networks. It is the fastest and most capable but comes with a higher price tag.

- Datalink Tech GW1000-ABEIP
- Equustek Solutions EQ7000 Eithernet to DH+ interface.

Refer to this forum post for more information about the last two options.

I do not have the ControlLogix option, are the Datalink and Equustek the only two options that have been tested? This post was form 2012 so I am hoping there are more than two options to present to the customer.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I have used the DataLink GW 1000 with the latest version of Ignition with success. it is very easy to setup and works well.

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