Diagnosing Database Connection

I have a database connection which works fine from the Designer in preview mode. I can add and edit data just fine. However, when I launch a Vision client those components show an error:

Newbie question: how do I go about diagnosing the problem? Also, my tag histories are in that same database work fine.

In regard to diagnosing the problem, check the console in the client (if the Windows Menu bar is disabled in the client, Ctrl+Shift+F7 will get it open). I’m guessing you’ll see a message about your user not having the required roles.

As of 7.9.4 we started restricting database access in the client, so if my guess is right, this would be a permissions issue. If so then take a look here.


Too right. That linked post nailed it, thank you!

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Thank you guys - I had the same issue and the same solution worked. Tons of gratitude to both of you for this thread.