Diagram Gantt change color property Complete color

I want to have different color for property Complete Color for each bar of Gantt diagram.

Is it possible???

Thank You


11 Our data includes a key for color, but our chart isn't currently using it. Set series[0].column.deriveFieldsFromData.fill.color to "color". This will map the "color" key in our data source to each block in the chart..

I used component Gantt Chart in Vision, not XY chart used as Gantt chart…

JFreeChart’s GanttRenderer only supports a single complete color. It might be possible to subclass GantRenderer yourself, by implementing the configureChart extension function (if you’re on a version new enough to have it), but it’s going to take some doing.

Do you have an example???

It’s not trivial. This is about as much time as I’m willing to spend; you have to ‘cache’ the task you’re looking at in one function and reference it in another:

	from org.jfree.chart.renderer.category import GanttRenderer
	class CustomGanttRenderer(GanttRenderer):
		def __init__(self):
			self.columnsToColors = {
				"First Task": system.gui.color(255, 0, 0),
				"Second Task": system.gui.color(128, 128, 128),
				"Third Task": system.gui.color(0, 0, 255),
			self.currentColumn = None
		def drawTasks(self, graphics, state, dataArea, plot, domainAxis, rangeAxis, dataset, row, col):
			self.currentColumn = dataset.getColumnKey(col)
			self.super__drawTasks(graphics, state, dataArea, plot, domainAxis, rangeAxis, dataset, row, col)
		def getCompletePaint(self):
			return self.columnsToColors.get(self.currentColumn, self.super__getCompletePaint())	
	chart.plot.renderer = CustomGanttRenderer()

Thank you for response,
Your code work well.
Another question: How is possible to delete orange border in each bar???

Thank You

Perhaps call self.setDrawBarOutline(False) in __init__.

I try, but not work