Did something change with respect to writing to the .Enabled

property in version 7.3.9? Ive used this multiple times with 7.2.11 to .Enabled and it worked correctly. Now it doesnt do anything. I can write to other properties like .Documentation with no problem using the same script.

query = "SELECT devicename from devices where devicename = 'WT-BB500'" res = system.db.runQuery(query) value = 1 for row in res: identifier = row[0] system.tag.writeToTag('%s/AI1.Enabled' % identifier, value)

Yes, it did change in 7.3. Not exactly on purpose, the inability to write to it was a bug… but it was only noticed and fixed very recently, in 7.5.5.

We are only introducing the idea of “long term support” with 7.5, so there isn’t really a great way for me to get the fix back ported. Fundamentally, I can’t get an installer made, so the best that could be done would be an updated library, which you would need to keep track of in case of re-installs…


Will the same library work for newer versions up to 7.5.5? like If I upgrade to 7.4.4? I might try and upgrade to 7.5.5 but I am worried about breaking the active x module, which one of our key features uses.

No, it would have to be made for each version, and then, for specific sub versions. Since 7.3 and 7.4 are “finished”, if I were to back-port it, it would just be for the last one.

That said, if the ActiveX module is your only reason not going to 7.5, it does still work in that version- it’s just that we’ve stopped including it in the installer. It’s still available on the download page under the single modules section.