Difference between ATDExample and Weather

For my next trick with Ignition, I’d like to write a proper OPC UA driver for a device that communicates via OPC XML. Since I’ve never done this before, I looked over and build the Abstract Tag Driver Example and Weather Component example that came with the SDK. Both modules installed alright, however, when I went to add a device of the ATDExample variety, there was no option for that device in the list.

The weather component popped up under Inductive Automation -> weather. If I’m understanding the sample code correctly, the ATDExample type should appear under Examples -> ATDExample. Neither the Examples folder, nor the ATDExample item appeared.

The DriverMeta -type classes looked almost identical. Why does one work and the other not?

I found the difference. In the ATDExample.properties file, Meta.Version and Meta.ReleaseDate read, “ShouldBeReplaced”. I thought the ANT build file did this, but apparently it didn’t. This threw an error in the console.

When I manually filled in these values, the Example folder and ATDExample items appeared. I’m not sure why this made a difference, unless something was expecting a date and got a string instead. I’ll have to keep investigating.

We’ll look into this, must be a bug somewhere :slight_smile: