Difference gateway settings between two servers?

Hi Folks,
This is perhaps a novice question, but is there an easy way to difference the settings between two different gateways or gateway backups? I’m beginning development on a new project that will be deployed on a different Gateway server from the development one. I’d like to make a map of all the settings that will need to be updated when the project goes live. Any thoughts? How do you handle the differences between your development environment/database/settings and the ultimate end-point?

Working with backup and restore is usually a bad idea. First, it takes too long to restore a project and correct all the settings. And when you missed something, it doesn’t work from the first time.

Most of our changes we do online (on the live Ignition). It’s rare to have an issue that causes downtime. But when we work on a backup (mostly on bigger tasks), we keep track of the changed resources, and export-import only those changes.

On Ignition 7, that was pure manual work. But Ignition 8 saves most resources to the disk (except tags), so you can use some VCS like git to tell you what has changed.


Thanks for your quick response!

So, in the case where you have a functioning project and gateway that you would like to duplicate so you can build a similar looking, but differently functioning project, would you load the existing project and backup, change the few settings necessary to connect to your development devices, servers and databases? And then just swap those settings on deployment? Or is it better to start fresh and just import the pieces you need?

I was talking about making changes to an existing project.

When you start a new project, you can indeed start from a backup and change the settings, or start from an empty project and export-imort the needed resources. For new projects it doesn’t make a lot of difference, as you need time to develop and test it anyway.

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