Different calendar types


Some of end users need to use Different calendar types(Hijri and Jalali calendar) in Ignition spacialy in chart and reports, what solution could I use?

Mohammad Javad

WOW, so fast response froum!!!


Perhaps if you had posted in the design forum instead of as a feature request there may have been a quicker response. Also, people are generally not going to answer if they don’t have anything useful to contribute. Remember, this is a forum. Most of the people here are not affiliated with Inductive Automation and have other jobs we work at and take up our time. We can’t just drop everything to work on your problem. I have now finished ranting. :slight_smile:

That being said, you’d likely have to create a module using the SDK for easier distribution to your end users.

A couple minutes worth of googling came up with:
Joda-Time: has eight different chronologies, including Hijri, but does not incluse Jalali.
Jalali Calendar
Some Python code you could likely modify to work in Ignition.

I second Jordan’s rant. If you need a very fast response, call us.

I can save you the trouble in this case: Ignition doesn’t have anything other than the Gregorian calendar built-in. I’ve never even heard of those calendars, which means that nobody has requested this before. You’re going to have to get creative. If you need it bad enough, writing a module to add these calendars might be your best bet.

Anyway sorry if you disturbed :confused:

Really Carl right, but some end users in our area need this calendar type and I am not familiar with ignition SDK yet.

what is best solution for me? emailing Carl?

Mohammad javad