Different page per role or per user

I am using ignition 8.1 and perspective. I want to be able to put, ideally, per role go to a different landing page. Alternatively, I could do this per user, but I would rather by role since that is what the security is based off of.

I saw a couple of topics about this about a session startup, which would be fine but those scripts don’t seem to work. Is there an easy way that once a user logs in we can direct them to their landing page based on something?

Hi @spm, in the past I’ve used a dummy start page as the main page. The dummy page has nothing on it other than maybe a loading icon (to handle a particularly slow session, etc.). In the background, it has a startup script for the View that does the logic and redirect.

Not the most elegant solution but it works in cases where you need to run the script after the session starts (session startup scripts are run before a session starts, so session props etc. are not initialised).

Thanks for the hint in the right direction. We can’t be the only ones that want to do this. This seems like it should be a key feature. Role based visualization has been around for years. This should be base functionality, possibly tied to roles with a landing page per role. Just my opinion I suppose.

More details would help if anyone has them though! We are quite new to ignition.


Another option would be to add a property change script to the session.auth.user.id property that does the navigation based on the role(s) that the user has. However, every time the user changes they would be redirected to the page/view, which may not be desirable.

The only issue I can see with this is with the flexibility of Ignition security. There is no hierarchy in the roles a user has; therefore, if a user has multiple roles there is no way to control which redirection has priority :slight_smile:

There may be a better way of doing it but I haven’t found one yet (although I haven’t spent a lot of time experimenting with this issue :sweat_smile:).