Different passwords for each application

Good evening, I’m new to Ignition and I have a question that I think can be easy. I have two non-ignition applications: one name canpack22_23 and another name PlantView for operators to access PlantView which only provides plant information and another application named Ignition_Project which provides more information. from the plant to the factory supervisors. However, you can access as two applications with the same usernames and password. At the gateway, create users named operat and superv and want to apply PlantView application incorporate only user operate and apply canpack22_23 only user superv had access as a password is required to log in. I was wondering if this is possible. Thank you very much in advance!!!

Set required client roles in project properties to limit which roles can access each project.

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what’s happening: regardless of the application, be it canpack22_23 or plantview I access both applications with both the supervisor and the pusher login and password. and in reality I wanted canpack22_23 access to be limited only to the supervisor and Plantview application to be limited to the operator only. and I’m not finding any options in the project properties. could it be clearer?

Create a role via gateway web page under Configure–>Security–>Users, Roles–>Manage users–>Roles. Assign that role to users who should be able to access the restricted project. And then set that role as a required client role for the project here (accessed via Designer–>Project–>Properties)?

worked perfectly. thanks!!!