Different permissions values somehow?

I have a part of my application that makes a PDF, saves it the gateway C drive, and then moves it to a network drive. This was working up until today - last night our VMs all restarted due to a windows update and I guess some login was lost. I added login credentials to our igintion.conf to avoid more issues and restarted this gateway. However, I was still getting errno 13 permission denied when it was trying to move the file to the network drive.

I tested, and saw I was able to save reports directly to my network drive from the gateway in designer. I changed up my script to do the same, and it worked succesfully.

I’m just wondering how it’s possible my gateway has the permissions to directly put reports on a network drive, but trying to use shutil to move a report from the gateway machine to a network drive fails a permission?

The designer uses the filesystem and credentials of the logged in user, not necessarily the user the service is running as.

Ok. In my gateway message script same deal though - using shutil to copy I get a permissions error, using the report function to make the report directly at the network drive path - works fine.