Different sounds based on alarm severity

I have a query that plays a sound on a new alarm and it works great.
alerts = system.alert.queryAlertStatus(activeAndUnacked=1)
print alerts.rowCount
if alerts.rowCount > 0:
system.util.execute([“C:\sndrec32”, “/play”, “/close”, “/embedding”, “c:\alarm.wav”])

I would like to modify it so that I can play different sounds based on alarm severity. I have created 3 test tags with different alarm severities and six queries. The queries are Active and Severity =4, Active and Severity =3, Active and Severity =2, Severity =4, Severity =3 and Severity =2. The problem is that result is the same number from all six queries and I don’t see my mistake.


Try using minSeverity=? and maxSeverity=? vice Severity.

Sorry, was in a hurry. Let me clarify.
Severity is not an option in system.alert.queryAlertStatus().

runScript("system.alert.queryAlertStatus(activeAndUnacked=1, minSeverity=2, maxSeverity=4).rowCount", 5000)


Here’s a snippet for counting the number of each severity level. you can then call whatever sound you want judging on the values in Severity[0] through Severity[4]

Severity={} for x in range(5): Severity[x]=0 Levels = {"Low":0, "Medium-low":1, "Medium":2, "Medium-high":3, "High":4} alerts = system.dataset.toPyDataSet(system.alert.queryAlertStatus(activeAndUnacked=1)) for row in alerts: Severity[Levels[row["Severity"]]]+=1 for x in range(5): print "Severity["+str(x)+"]="+str(Severity[x])