Different values in Report Viewer and PDF or hard copy print

Report is showing diffferent values in client and in print. In client, cells are showing zero value continuesly where as in print or PDF we are getting correct values.

In below images,

  • Cells with Red Boxes are showing incorrect values after I updated database path for the respactive TAGs.
  • Cells with Blue Boxes are showing incorrect values without updating anything in it.

In client -

In PDF -

My guess is that you are providing different parameters to the report in the client, and therefore getting different results.

Can you show how the report is configured, including any parameters, and how the report viewer in the client is configured as well as the values that you are sending to the client and the PDF?

6.58 also isnt the same value as 6.68

6.58 vs 6.68 difference might be associated with the time difference when he took the two pictures though.

I also think the parameters supplied for time frames must be different between the two, or the update/polling is different.

Or if the client view is aggregating in a query or script, sometimes having a none type or null can result in a 0 if nulls and none types are not handled.

Do check for incorrect clock time in a Vision client, if you are using Vision. { Consider tagging this topic with either Perspective or Vision. }