Diffrence in Timezones between a remote tag provider vs where the original remote tag provider resides at?

Hello, I am creating tags for a tag provider from Gateway_1
This tag provider shows the now(1000) time in UTC.

In Gateway_2, I am using the tag provider from Gateway_1 as a remote tag provider... however, the tag in the designer from Gateway_2 shows in my local timezone (pacific time PDT):

Both Gateways, Gateway_1 and Gateway_2 are set to UTC time... so I don't understand how can I make them match? I would like to match the remote tags at Gateway_2 to be the same as Gateway_1...

How can I correct this?

But they do match. Ignition passes date/time objects around as java.util.Date instances. Such are UTC milliseconds under the hood. And are converted to strings for display at the point of display.

Hi @pturmel. Thank you. Yes they match. But how can I adust the display in Tag (from the right picture—Gatway_2) so that it displays as the one on the left ?

You control the timezone at the point of display. There are project properties to help you do this.

Yes. I understand that. But what would be the Gateway setting for the tags themselves to be display in the tag browser as PDT if both gateways are cofigured for UTC time? That is what I am really curious.

I think the Tag Browser is always going to display these in the timezone of the computer running the Designer.

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The thing that should matter is what format is used when you use this tag to display a date somewhere in your project. The project and/or perspective time zone settings can influence this, and you can also force a display string by using date format scripting functions or expressions to convert from Date to explicitly formatted string at display time on whatever screen.

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This is in the designer. The designer is showing you "raw" data. You can play games with the designer's time zone, but you shouldn't. You should accept that the raw data represents a point in universal time, not a zoned local time.

Thank you every one. I appreciate the time you took to respond to me. Thank you.