I have one of these successfully connected to a SLC5/03. I can communiate fine through RsLinx but can not connect via OPC UA. I have it set up as an SLC. The status toggles between ‘Disconnected’ and ‘Connecting’. I essentially have it set up with the standard Allen Bradley configuration (port 2222). Are there any specifics that need to be changed in the IAP’s setup? Thanks

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That did the trick. Is this due to the speed of the serial DF1 port or an oddity of the DIGI One?

It is not a speed issue. Probably the Digi ONE doesn’t support the protocol commands needed for the Ignition drivers to read the data table layout from the processor.

This can also happens with processors not supported by the Ignition AB drivers. I have seen it with SLC compatible devices and MicroLogix 1000, 1500, 1200 processors.

Are there devices like the Digi that do support the browsing function?

It would be great if there were a list of what works, what sorta works (like this), and what doesn’t work.



+1 for a list of interface devices that are known to work with supported PLCs. As system integrators we like to have a list of known working devices which we use to develop complete solutions.

Another vote for that ‘list’ of compatibility.
There have been a couple other hardware threads that I think this has been suggested in also.

I came really close to getting the approval to order one of these above units.
The company was awesome to deal with, the tech support guy that I talked to, downloaded Ignition
just to test it out before I bought one too. He reported with screenshots which I will try to find, of being able to set it up very quickly. He was also quite impressed with the Ignition software.
Sadly in my case, I did not get to purchase one. My direct manager found a cheaper one
by ‘yahoo shopping’ and now we are stuck trying to get the one he ordered to work. FYI the one we have is the ‘lantronix express dr iap’. We have not got it working well yet. That experience was all very disappointing.
—the screenshots are on my work pc…

the lantronix xpress dr iap is a very good product. I have used them in the past with no issues. Have you contacted their support?

I did give them a quick call to see if they had application examples for a slc 5/04.
they said they did not, but I may have not talked to the ‘right person’. I haven’t got to actually spend much time with it to work on it.

Hey it’s not like we have a list locked away in a safe that we just don’t want to give you guys. You guys are going to have to tell us what works and what doesn’t :slight_smile: We can’t go acquiring/testing all the little 3rd party devices out there!

How about a new subject under other called ‘hardware’?

I’ll ask around and see if adding a new hardware section is a possibility. For now I would suggest starting a new thread in the PLC area of the forum to post this information to until we can get a dedicated section.

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In the mean time I thought I would put some information about the units that we use in-house for testing. All of these are protocol converters talk to Ignition over Ethernet and to MicroLogix, SLC or PLC-5 processors via the serial port:

WebPort 500
Moxa MGate EIP3170[/color]

Straight Ethernet to serial converters will not work. They need to be protocol converters that support Ethernet/IP or AB Ethernet.

If connecting to a DH+ network the following options work:
[color=#0000FF][ul]- ControlLogix Gateway - this has many options but usually includes a Ethernet module(s) like ENBT, EN2T, etc. In addition to the Ethernet module they may also have DHRIO module(s) to bridge to DH+ networks or CNBT module(s) to bridge to ControlNet networks. This option can even bridge to other Ethernet networks. It is the fastest and most capable but comes with a higher price tag.[/ul]

[ul]- Datalink Tech GW1000-ABEIP

These are not the only products that will work with Ignition and others on the forum may want to pitch in with what they are using.

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