Digital Display running Android

We have a device that runs Android 6.01 and system webview version 44.0.2403.119 when trying to load a Perspective project all I get is a white screen. Wondering if anyone has any ideas. This is for our company wide digital displays.

That version of System WebView is really old. If you upgrade to a current version through the Play Store Perspective will work.

After much back and forth our hardware vendor released a new version of their firmware running webview 77. AFTER I figured out how to hack in version 77 for myself. It loads like a charm now.


can you give more detail on how you “Hacked” in version 77. i have the same problem with an andriod watch, installing the latest version of webview doesnt fix the issue

I found a package of Webview v77 on the internet (don’t remember where) and used ADB commands to load it and install it. I completely removed the old version of Webview via ADB as well.