Digital signals in chart


Is there a way to present digital signals in easychart like in picture below, with a zero offset:

I think this is a intuitive way to read digital signals.

Regards Stian Larsen

You can use the digital offset option in the EasyChart, though it’s not quite the same. Would the Status Chart be suitable?

I am using the digital offset in easychart todag, but it is not always easy to read with many digital signals in the same plot.

The digital offset gives an offset on the signals value, that i great. And for render style “Digital” I can make it look pretty ok (Digital gap = 1.3), like this…


but when I change the render style to “Digital Area”, something strange happens…


I haven’t worked with digital history for a bit, but remember encountering the same thing–the bottom of digital area isn’t offset. It’d be a lot slicker if it was.

Instead of using digital offset, you can place each signal in a different subplot, with renderer “digital area”. It will the look like this:

If you are going to make something dynamic, you might consider using a tag picker, and dragging tags into your chart. Then everytime you add a tag to the chart, also create a subplot for this tag.
Here is a sample code for something i used earlier for dragging tags into the easy chart:

tagPens = self.tagPens
subPlots = self.subplots
	for tag in paths:
	    tagPath = tag
	    splitTag = tag.split("/")
	    name = splitTag[-2].replace("_", "-")
	    name = name.upper()     
	    newRow = [name, tagPath, "MinMax", "Default Axis", 1, 1, system.gui.color(255, 85, 85, 255), "", 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, "", 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0] 
	    self.tagPens = system.dataset.addRow(tagPens, newRow)

Then add at the end:

newPlot=  [1,0,""]
self.subplots = system.dataset.addRow(subPlots , newPlot)

Or even easier like @witman suggested. Status chart of the same two signals:

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