Direct bit state read from OPC kepserver - Control logix

is there a way to read dictly a bit state Kepserver OPC with Allen Bradley PLC???
somethig like that:

-OPC item Path Int:

-OPC item Path, bit 15 state:


Whether that works or not is up to the OPC server you’re connected.

I think Kepware does support that syntax. Have you tried it?

Yes it is possible.
You’ll have to manually create a TAG inside the KEPServer.
The right connection string is “TAG.nBit”
For example, suppose you have a TAG named “Motor1” and you want the seventh bit, the correct path would be “Motor1.7” remember to set it as a boolean.
Then refresh the OPC Server in Ignition and you should able to see the new TAG.
Drag and drop it inside the Designer and you’re good to go

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