Direct Connection from Ignition to Wago via Ethernet I/P

Is there a way to connect Ignition to a Wago 750-363 or similar via Ethernet I/P?

I’d like to use a direct Ethernet I/P connection in this case, not one of the workarounds (e.g. using Modbus TCP instead or the new generation Wagos with MQTT/onboard OPC servers, buying a completely different PLC, etc).

Maybe using @pturmel 's EtherNet/IP driver, but not using any of Ignition’s standard drivers.

@Kevin.Herron Thank you! A prompt no is the next best thing.

@pturmel is your driver at full release? Looking for something reliable / relatively straightforward that isn’t too much harder to add new tags than the built in Rockwell drivers as I’ll have electricians wanting to add tags from time to time. The fallback option is Modbus TCP but then I’ll need to map tags every time.

Lead times for many PLC brands are getting ludicrous here in New Zealand.

It’s been in production release since October 2017. (I had to go look.)

Not sure what you mean. I/O connections are totally different from processor tag-based connections. Though the data brought in is presented as if tags in a processor. Some effort must be expended creating structured types or assemblies that match the byte-for-byte layout of the I/O buffers of the target device.

You can make most edits without stopping the device.

Let me know what actual models you will be using and get me the EDS files. I’m happy to help customers deploy this module.

Note that scanning I/O is a Premium feature of the module. The base version makes Ignition an I/O adapter.

I just read the application note for the 750-363 with an L32 processor. A bit more complicated than typical devices, but no surprises. I expect it to work.