Direct device connection to ASCII

Hi All!

Has anyone connected ignition directly to a device that uses an ascii protocol (RS-232)? Currently my approach has been to use a PLC as the intermediary, basically making boolean tags that add ascii commands to a list for sending and then parsing responses into their appropriate destination tags based on format.

Problem is, those AB PLCs are pretty pricey and wondering if there is a way to skip the middle man and do these custom ASCII commands directly from ignition. Looked at some anybus gateways and other stuff but not sure if they fit the bill.


The micro800 series is not pricey from them.

What device is running the RS232?

kepware might have a driver for it.

Jython can open direct sockets to Ethernet/Serial converters, or open local (gateway or Vision client) COM ports directly. It is challenging to safely run long-lived threads to monitor such a connection, but many do this.

Its a few different ones, one is a helium leak tester and the other is a burst tester. Lots of laboratory equipment we use runs on RS-232. I gave the micro 800 a try but without being able to use strings with a FIFO I'm not confident I can create a robust cueing system for all the commands and reads going back and forth.

I might have to give the sockets thing a try from the server. Any rec on ethernet/serial converters?

I've used a lot of Moxa, mainly for Modbus RTU to TCP and their IoLogix range.


Yep. Lots of Moxa and Digi.