Direct Download Link for Latest Edge Version

I am currently trying to write a script that will automate a bit of the setup for simple Edge gateways on ubuntu server. I am unable to find any package tool function in the documentation to install it (i.e. apt-get ignition-edge) and so I am looking to automatically download from the link and unzip it.

I am looking at the download links and they all have a version name and build date linked into them, so its not really easy to automatically just pick the “Most recent version” or the version you want, without knowing its build date.
i.e. the current link for the 8.0.12 stable:

Is there a direct link for a “current stable version”, or is it possible to download them directly without the build date and just a version number?
or better

That way I can create a script that I just pass a version number and then install that version direct on the ubuntu server os.

I greatly appreciate any input, and hey if you think there is a better way to accomplish what I am looking for than I am open to that too!

Keith G.