Direct Launch Vision Applicaition with Client Launcher

Is there a way in Ignition 8 to launch a Vision client directly with the vision client launcher? Going through the documentation seems to suggest that you need to have a json config file in every users %username%.ignition\clientlauncher-data folder with the list of applications they can launch.

What I want is to just be able to give the user a .bat file that has parameters of what gateway and project and want to launch. But if the application is not setup in vision-client-launcher.json i get the error

I tried this

\\networkShare\Native Client Launcher\8.0.7\visionclientlauncher.exe" -Dapplication=MyApp -Dgateway.address=http://MyGatewayAddress

Alternatively can I tell the vision client launcher to look for the vision-client-launcher.json file somewhere other than the user folder? If I could put it in a central location I would not have to distribute that file to all my users.

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